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Welcome to the Clumsy's World: Resurgence Wiki.

Please check out the About to get an idea of what the server has to offer in regards to:

Playable Classes Playable Races
Bard Druid Necromancer Shadow Knight Barbarian Dark Elf Dwarf Erudite
Beastlord Enchanter Paladin Shaman Froglok Gnome Half Elf Halfling
Berserker Magician Ranger Warrior High Elf Human Iksar Ogre
Cleric Monk Rogue Wizard Troll Vah Shir Wood Elf

Any Class/Race combination can be achieved through Clumsy Tokens. You can buy the Race Change Token from Venlaar

Misc Server Info

Random Hotzones are on a weekly rotation (Thursday ~Noon EST) and are viewable using the "#hotzones" command.

Custom Quests have been designed and implemented as you can see on the Quest Page.

Of note are the custom Key quests that were never implemented on live and the History of Norrath quest that gives you the opportunity to explore the cities of Norrath and grants a few AAs for completion.

Some classes start with a few choice AA points. Alternate Advancements are otherwise only granted through progression (progression NPCs are found in the hub).

Current Progression includes:

Custom Content:

Custom Features:

Currently In Work Guide for fun stuff to do while leveling / end game