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As Human-Elf hybrids, Half Elves share the prominent physical features of both races. Their intellect is a notch above most other races, though they suffer a lack of strength as compared to the other Norrathian races. 
- EverQuest manual


The mixing of Elf and Human is a common tale. Many stories of romance between these two races can be heard around Norrath. As a result, Half Elves are taller than their Elven ancestors and carry some of the strength of their human bloodlines. They have slightly harsher features than Elves, but the mix still makes them pleasant to lay eyes on.

Unfortunately, the children of these forbidden romances are often shunned, becoming victims of prejudice by Humans and Elves alike. Most Half Elves are unaffected by the discrimination and retain a pleasant manner. Usually Half Elves will develop a very close and trusted group of friends that act as a surrogate family.

The difficult lives of the Half Elves and their lack of ties to any one place makes them adept travelers of the world and exceptional friends and storytellers. Sadly, some Half Elves become embittered by the constant difficulty of finding a place in the world and choose a path of thievery. The Half Elves are on amicable terms with most races in Norrath, but have no affection for the evil races.

While Half Elves can be seen in many areas of the world, they are primarily found in the Wood Elf city of Kelethin and within the Surefall Glade.

Basic Information

Starting Stats

Bard 75 95 90 70 75 60 85 25 Points
Berserker 80 85 95 80 75 60 75 25 Points
Cleric 75 85 90 80 75 75 75 30 Points
Druid 70 85 90 80 75 70 75 30 Points
Paladin 80 85 90 75 75 65 85 20 Points
Ranger 75 85 100 80 75 65 75 20 Points
Rogue 70 95 100 70 75 60 75 30 Points
Shadow Knight 80 90 85 80 85 70 65 20 Points
Warrior 80 85 95 80 75 60 75 25 Points