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Yet another variation on the Elven-Human theme, Wood Elves are slightly weaker than Humans, but highly dextrous and agile. Their innate ability to act in the interest of fairness and justice often leads them to dedicate their lives to the good of society. 
- EverQuest manual


The Wood Elves, or Feir`Dal, are more accepting of others than their cousins, the High Elves. Wood Elves only reach about five feet in height and, like their pale cousins, have very attractive and subtle features. They skins are tinged an oaken color and they blend with their natural surroundings in the forests.

Wood Elves generally regard those who respect nature as friends, especially rangers and druids. The Wood Elves believe in co-existing with their natural surroundings as opposed to shaping them. This leads most of their kind to worship Tunare, the Mother of All. The Feir`Dal harness the powers of song and the living, breathing properties of their environment. Wood Elves are known for their love of celebration and good food. A good song will tweak their pointed ears.

Wood Elves get along well with most good and neutral races, and merely dislike most evil races. They hold great malice toward the Dark Elves - an aberration of their ancestors as well as their allies.

The Feir`Dal are at home in the trees in their intricate city of Kelethin, which hangs high above the ground between the trunks and branches of the Greater Faydark. Comprised of platforms and suspension bridges, Kelethin is both well defended and beautiful.

Basic Information

Starting Stats

Bard 70 90 95 65 75 80 85 25 Points
Beastlord 70 90 95 70 75 80 80 20 Points
Cleric 70 80 95 70 75 90 75 30 Points
Druid 65 80 95 75 75 90 75 30 Points
Ranger 70 80 105 75 75 85 75 20 Points
Rogue 65 90 105 65 75 80 75 30 Points
Warrior 75 80 100 75 75 80 75 25 Points