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A Druid is the master of the outdoors and befriends all flora and fauna. Creatures rarely ever attack him unless he attacks first.
He is a clerical spellcaster who focuses on all things natural, allowing him to call upon Nature for aid and defense. - EverQuest manual


Druids are disciples of the wilds, following the teachings of the Norrathian gods of nature. Druids are primarily a magic-using class, with the ability to wear leather armor and wield blunt weapons and scimitars.

Druidic magic takes many forms, allowing the druid to fill a wide variety of roles when in a group or adventuring alone. Druids possess fair healing abilities, powerful health regenerative spells, valuable enhancements that improve the health and armor of their group, and at max level considerable mana regenerative spells.

Offensively, druids are versatile. They have access to fire and cold-based damage spells, a selection of disease and swarm spells that damage their enemies over time, powerful banishment spells focused upon unnaturally summoned creatures, and spells to charm animals. Druids also gain some of the best travel spells, including the ability to speed up their group's movement and teleport their group to distant regions.

Druids are a well-rounded class, prospering in both solo and grouped situations. An experienced druid is able to adventure alone, but is equally at home in a group. The druid is an excellent class for players who enjoy a variety of play styles and options. Druids make one of the best starting characters in EQ due to their amazing ability to make money via teleports, item farming, versatility, ease of travel, and quad killing giants.

Class Titles

Level 1-50 Level 51-54 Level 55-59 Level 60
Druid Wanderer Preserver Hierophant

Creation Guide

Picking the Right Race

Wood Elves are one of the two best races for druids. They lean towards being heavily mana based with good starting wisdom, and the best agility of all the races. They get infravision, and also a native ability to forage. Wood elves also have the ability to hide, though it doesn't raise beyond a minimal level in skill.

Half-Elves are more melee based. They aren't strong stat wise and are probably the weakest race overall in the druid class. Half-Elves also get infravision.

Halflings are the most popular druid race. Halflings trade some intelligence and charisma for higher strength and stamina. Halflings consume more food and drink, but that's less of an issue for druids thanks to forage. In return however they get infravision, basic hiding and sneak skills, and level slightly faster with their +5% exp bonus. They also have the added bonus of hairy feet.

Human is the most well rounded druid race. Human druids can be quite a competent and balanced character. Their low agility and lack of night-sight however makes them a more burdensome character to play compared to other races. (NOTE: Project 1999 uses the Titanium client, which has brighter lighting than the classic client, making human vision less of a problem).

Starting Statistics

Froglok 70 100 100 80 75 85 60 30
Wood Elf 65 75 95 80 90 75 75 30
Half Elf 70 80 90 85 70 75 75 30
Halfling 70 85 95 90 90 67 50 30
Human 75 85 75 75 85 75 75 30


Religion does not play an overly important role to Druids, but they do affect whether the druid can use certain deity-specific items. All Wood Elf druids must worship Tunare, while all Halflings must worship Karana. Half-Elves and Humans can choose between the two.



Q: Where are the druid guild halls located?

A: We have 3 guild halls availible to us. They are located in : Surefall Glade, Kelethin, and Rivervale.

Q: Which Druid Rings are guarded?

A: It is useful to know when teleporting evil races and very low level characters, add a Superior Camouflage to the mix before departure.