Druid Epic: Nature Walker's Scimitar

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Start Zone: Burning Woods
Quest Giver: Telin Darkforest
Minimum Level: 50+
Classes: Druid
Related Zones: Various
Related NPCs: Various


Nature Walkers Scimitar


The Druid epic quest is very similar to live with a few key exceptions. One is that the dialog has been changed slightly, so be sure to pay attention when working through the quest. Second - and probably most important - is that handing the Froglok Essence to Dolgin Codslayer will not spawn Faydedar - instead Dolgin will eat the Essence. You instead will have to kill the open world or instance version of Faydedar to loot the Pod of Seawater.

Acquiring the Shiny Tin Bowl

[ ] Speak with Telin Darkforest in Burning Wood and receive a Worn Note.
[ ] Spawn Faelin Bloodbriar in Greater Faydark and give her the Worn Note, receiving Faelin`s Ring.
[ ] Find Giz X`Tin in Kithicor Forest and give him Faelin`s Ring, receiving a Dark Metal Coin.
[ ] Give Dark Metal Coin to Telin Darkforest, receive Worn Dark Metal Coin
[ ] Find Althele in East Karana and give her the Worn Dark Metal Coin. The druid will tell you to find Sionae who will show up on track and give you a Braided Grass Amulet.
[ ] Give Sionae (-2300, -930) the Braided Grass Amulet, Amulet is returned.
[ ] Give Nuien (-3650, 300) the Braided Grass Amulet, Amulet is returned.
[ ] Give Teloa (-3800, -2860) the Braided Grass Amulet, spawning a Dark Elf Corruptor and two Dark Elf Reavers. (-1500, -1000)
[ ] Kill the Dark Elf Corruptor, loot Fleshbound Tome, give to Althele, receive Earth Stained Note.
[ ] Give Ella Foodcrafter in Misty Thicket the Earth Stained Note and receive a Shiny Tin Bowl. Be sure to read the dialog here -- this has been a pain point for multiple people attempting the quest.

Foraging the Hardened Mixture

[ ] Forage Chilled Tundra Root from Everfrost.
[ ] Forage Ripened Heartfruit from Greater Faydark.
[ ] Forage Speckled Molded Mushroom from Innothule Swamp.
[ ] Forage Sweetened Mudroot from Misty Thicket.
[ ] Combine all four items in the Shiny Tin Bowl to make a Hardened Mixture.

Making the Runecrested Bowl

The Ancient Pattern
[ ] Talk to Alrik Farsight in Timorous Deep and receive a Crushed Pot. (Say: "I will take the artifact")
[ ] Give Farios Elianos in Felwithe South the Crushed Pot and receive a Grocery List.
[ ] Give Merchant Nora in Northern Felwithe the Grocery List and receive a Bag of Provisions.
[ ] Give the Bag of Provisions to Farios Elianos and receive a Receipt.
[ ] Give the Receipt to Alrik Farsight and receive an Ancient Pattern.

The Platinum Speckled Powder
[ ] Forage a Rose of Firiona from Firiona Vie.
[ ] Hail Merdan Fleetfoot in Surefall Glade, ask him "Who is Niera?", then hand him the Rose of Firiona receiving a Wood Painting.
[ ] Track down a human skeleton in Frontier Mountains, give it the Wood Painting receiving a Silver Chained Locket.
[ ] Give Niera Farbreeze in Surefall Glade the Silver Chained Locket receiving Platinum Speckled Powder.

The Enchanted Clay Slay black reavers in City of Mist and loot a Jade Reaver.
Speak to Kinlo Strongarm in North Kaladim and give him the Jade Reaver receiving Enchanted Clay.
Combine the Ancient Pattern, Platinum Speckled Powder, and Enchanted Clay in a Pottery Wheel creating a Runecrested Bowl.

Stones into Elaborate Scimitar
[ ] Give the Hardened Mixture and Runecrested Bowl to Ella Foodcrafter, receiving a Softly glowing stone.
[ ] Slay Venril Sathir in Karnor's Castle and loot a Pulsing Green Stone.
[ ] Give Foloal Stormforest in Firiona Vie the Pulsing Green Stone and Softly Glowing Stone, receiving a Warmly Glowing Stone.
[ ] Give the Warmly Glowing Stone to Ella Foodcrafter and receive the Elaborate Scimitar.

Cleansing Spirits
[ ] Cleansed Spirit of Antonica
[ ] Kill corrupted wooly mammoth in Everfrost Peaks, loot a Chunk of Tundra
[ ] Kill corrupted shaman in Lake Rathetear, loot Clean Lakewater
[ ] Kill corrupted hill giant in Rathe Mountains, loot an Ancient Rock
[ ] Hand the Chunk of Tundra, Clean Lakewater and Ancient Rock to the Withered treant in Northern Karana, receive a Warm Pulsing Treant Heart
[ ] Give Yeka Ias in Southern Karana, the Warm Pulsing Treant Heart, receive Cleansed Spirit of Antonica

Cleansed Spirit of Faydwer
[ ] Kill Corrupted Seahorse in Kedge Keep, loot Kedge Cave Crystals
[ ] Kill Corrupted seafury cyclops in Ocean of Tears, loot Ocean of Tears Seavines
[ ] Kill Corrupted brownie in Lesser Faydark, loot Green Heartwood Branch
[ ] Hand the Kedge Cave Crystals, Ocean of Tears Seavines, and Green Heartwood Branch to the Pained Unicorn in Lesser Faydark, receive Gleaming Unicorn Horn
[ ] Hand the Gleaming Unicorn Horn to the gnome Silox Azrix in Ak'Anon to get the Cleansed Spirit of Faydwer

Cleansed Spirit of Kunark
[ ] Kill Ulump Pujluk in Swamp of No Hope, loot Froglok Essence
[ ] Kill the Corrupted Gorilla in Emerald Jungle, loot the Green Tree Bark
[ ] Kill the Corrupted barracuda in Lake of Ill Omen and loot the Pure Lakewater
[ ] Kill Faydedar (open world or instance version) and loot the Pod of Seawater. Another pain point - this is different than live where you turned the essence into Dolgin -- do not do that, Dolgin will eat it
[ ] Hand the Froglok Essence, Pod of Seawater, Green Tree Bark and Pure Lakewater to Nekexin Virulence in The Overthere to get the Cleansed Spirit of Kunark

Nature Walker’s Scimitar!
[ ] Give the Elaborate Scimitar, Cleansed Spirit of Antonica,Cleansed Spirit of Faydwer, and Cleansed Spirit of Kunark to Xanuusus the Treant in North Karana, to receive the Nature Walkers Scimitar.

Congratulations on your Nature Walkers Scimitar!