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A tribal race, these lizard-like warriors carry on a rich heritage of conquest, enslavement and destruction. Iksar are quite intelligent (despite their gargantuan size and warrior-like ways) and prefer to socialize within their own circles. 
- EverQuest manual


The fearsome and savage reptilian race on Norrath is known as the Iksar. With their significant height, scales, and long tails, Iksar are intimidating in their appearance. Their reptilian physiology grants them a natural affinity for water, as well as enhanced regeneration.

Their entire civilization developed in isolation for centuries and fostered an unusual culture. The Iksar are a tribal race with a very simple social structure. Allies to no one, the Iksar are intelligent and proud. Having seen their race crumble through the toils of war, the race has become bitter about its loss of power. After being slaves and warring with the Ring of Scale, they were nearly made extinct.

The Iksar depend only on their god and creator, Cazic Thule. Iksar are unwelcome in all known cities of Norrath. Iksar are no more fond of the other races of Norrath than those races are fond of them.

The Iksar live in the ancient city of Cabilis, on Kunark near the Lake of Ill Omen. It is a dark place with a maze of canals, which the Iksar use for travel around their city.

Basic Information

Starting Stats

Beastlord 70 85 95 80 75 90 60 20 Points
Berserker 80 85 95 80 75 80 55 25 Points
Monk 75 95 100 75 75 80 55 20 Points
Necromancer 70 95 90 70 85 80 55 30 Points
Rogue 80 95 90 75 75 80 55 25 Points
Shadow Knight 80 85 90 75 85 80 60 20 Points
Shaman 70 85 90 75 75 90 60 30 Points
Warrior 80 85 95 80 75 80 55 25 Points