Rank 6 Charm

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Start Zone: Clumsy's Home
Quest Giver: Leahcim
Minimum Level: 55+
Classes: All
Related Zones: Clumsy's Home, Chardok, Charasis
Related NPCs: N/A


Class Reward
Bard Troubadour's Augment
Beastlord Animist's Augment
Berserker Vehement's Augment
Cleric Templar's Augment
Druid Preserver's Augment
Enchanter Beguiler's Augment
Magician Conjurer's Augment
Monk Master's Augment
Necromancer Defiler's Augment
Paladin Knight's Augment
Ranger Outrider's Augment
Rogue Blackguard's Augment
Shadowknight Revenant's Augment
Shaman Luminary's Augment
Warrior Myrmidon's Augment
Wizard Evoker's Augment


You say, 'Hail, Leahcim'

Leahcim says, 'Greetings <class>. You must seek my [expertise]?'

You say, 'I seek your expertise'

Leahcim says, 'Good, <class>. I have been bored as of late. You see, in my career you get work very rarely. I mean how often can you honestly expect to see adventurers of your caliber? Yeah, not very often. Anyways, I can upgrade your charm and make it more potent. However, I will need some [supplies], and these aren't your everyday, run-of-the-mill fish scales or water flasks.'

You say, 'what supplies'

Leahcim says, 'Bring me a [Dragon's Heart], a [Bridge Keeper's Key], and a [Glowing Stone of Sathir]. Oh, and of course I will need your rank five charm too. When you have obtained these items hand them to me and I will upgrade your charm.'

You say, 'what Dragon's Heart'

Leahcim says, 'Use your imagination. I'm sure you know where to find a few dragons.'

You say, 'what Bridge Keeper's Key'

Leahcim says, 'Last I heard, the Bridge Keeper can be found in Chardok.'

You say, 'what Glowing Stone of Sathir'

Leahcim says, 'I'm not sure which Sathir would have this, but I would probably assume it's not Venril. He only seems to dwell on things that concern treehuggers.'
Leahcim cackles gleefully at his apparent ranger joke

Give Leahcim the Dragon's Heart, Bridge Keeper's Key, Glowing Stone of Sathir, and your rank 5 charm

Leahcim fashions the components together into an augment of great power.

You receive rank 6 charm.

Leahcim says, 'There we go. Take care <class>.'

You received a character flag!

You received Mystical Attuning