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Getting Started-

You start out in the Hub and immediately run into Clumsy who will guide you through the History, Lore, and Features of the servers.

Also in the Hub is Meek's Depot. Meek offers up a selection of most items (food. water, pet summoning components, arrows, etc.) that you will need for your adventure.
Meek's Depot also has Tellah - Caster Charms merchant and Cecil - melee charms merchant. These augments go from level 1 to level 5 and provide Stats, Resists, and Regen. Recommend saving your first few plat and buying the level 1 Augments when you get your first ~16 plat.
Victoria is also housed in the Depot. You won't need her services until level 50+ when she can make spell upgrades for your class.
Deter Pinklage is available at the SW part of the zone and allows you mentor down. This is helpful if you have new friends just starting and want to group with them or just can't find a good zone at your level to XP in. The Hub also offers a bank, spell vendor (port spells and Clumsy specific spells), some misc vendors.

Arel Yinrie is located at the North part of the Hub and will teleport you to any of the Major cities. Later on she can teleport you Chardok, Kael, Skyshrine, and/or Thurgadin if you have Ally faction with them.

  • You will start with the Origin AA. Make sure you hotkey this as it is a port back to the Hub that usable every 18 minutes.
  • Now is a good time to complete your Extended Target window by learning the Eyes Wide Open AA that is free as well.
  • Make sure to check out the Alternate Advancements page for information on what AAs each class starts with and how to complete progression to gain more AAs!

Level 1-15

Starting levels are pretty straight forward. I recommend porting to a town / area you are familiar with and leveling via quests or just killing for xp.

  • A great strategy is to ask for buffs in the Hub or ask in Discord and someone will usually jump on and buff up your new toons.
  • Utilize the "#hotzones" command to see what zones have extra xp for the week.

Material drop rates have been increased slightly on this server, so making things like backpacks takes less farming. I recommend hunting down some bears and then making Hand Made Backpacks to give you a little weight reduction. It does not take much to get your tailoring high enough to make these.
Don't forget to get your class specific charm and upgrade it as money permits.

Level 15 - 29

Once you hit level 15 you can talk to Coggelsgog and Tinkerelaa Winchworth in the Hub to start some Clumsy unique armour quest. More quests become available as you level, so make sure to check back in about every 10 levels or so.
Once you hit the mid 20's, you can head to Najena and start Journeyman Boots that drop off of Drelzna. You can still do the Jboots quest here, but I find farming them a bit easier.
Around level 28 you can start heading to Qeynos Hills to get your enduring breath Fishbone Earring off of Hadden.

Level 30 - 39

Level 30 opens up the Temple of Ro gear quests. Quests have been added so that all classes will have gear they can obtain.
At level 30 you can also head to South Karana and start hunting Quillmane for your clicky levitation Pegasus Feather Cloak. Her placeholder is a static spawn located just North of the Splitpaw Lair. Her three spawn locations match that of live.
At the mid-30s you can start the Collect Drops of Shadow quest that results in a Penumbral Rod. This has been balanced for the server and has amazing stats for the level and gives a clicky Shadow Burst that usable every 10 minutes.
Manastone does exist on this server, but has a 0.25% chance of dropping off the Evil Eye in Lower Guk. So be ready for a few camping sessions if you really want one.

Level 40 - 49

Around level 40 you can attempt to take on The Hulk in the Lost Temple of Cazic Thule (MAP). His loot table contain the only Power Source slot item currently on the server - Stan's Memento. He can also drop a nice 2hb weapon that procs and AOE DD - Hulk Smash. This is great weapon for leveling and power leveling.
Terror Forged Mask exists on this server and you can obtain it following The Summoning of Terror quest.

Level 50 - 60

At level 50 you can start the History of Norrath quest. This is a unique quest that lets you explore some of the major cities and provides really interesting lore for the server. Result is an extra spell slot / potion belt slot / bandolier slot.
The Kunark Archaelogist quest line is also active here and fully functional. I recommend all non-shaman priest class take the time to get the Defender of the Faithful Heart for the clicky Primal Essence buff.


Things to add / update

  • Invis items - circlet or ring
  • Bracer of the Hidden - See invis
  • Attack Earing
  • Spirit Wracked cord and rings

  • Challenge event - Challenge Encounters that test player's coordination and endurance in difficult wave/ring style events. This is a group event that starts in Kithicor forest. Each wave of creatures drops tokens that can be saved up and turned in for Classic/Kunark raid level gear at the challenge encounter NPC.