Sarnak Attuning Orb (Chardok Royals Key)

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Kassir the Crypt Keeper
Start Zone: Chardok
Quest Giver: Kassir the Crypt Keeper
Minimum Level: 50+
Classes: All
Related Zones: Chardok
Related NPCs: Kassir


Sarnak Attuning Orb


The Sarnak Attuning Orb is used to open the locked doors in the Chardok Royals area.

You will need to collect four (4) ground spawn items within Chardok:

Herbalist's Mortar and Pestle

Sarnak Balancing Pin

Kennel Master's Whip

Loremaster's Seal - This one is tricky as you will need to gain access to the library via a rogue or bard lock pick.

Once you have collect all four (4) items, you will need to spawn Kassir the Crypt Keeper in the Chardok Crypt (Area between the bridge keeper and the guards to the Royals entrance. Kill mobs in the Crypt Area until Kassir spawns and then hand him all four (4) items.

Receive your Sarnak Attuning Orb!!

  • It will be placed on your keyring when used.