Revenge of Cyndreela

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Revenge of Cyndreela
Revenge of Cyndreela
Race: Ghost
Class: Necromancer
Body Type: Undead
Level: 66
Zone: The Feerrott
Location: 2604, -2370, 23
Paths: No
HP: 350,000
AC: 217
Damage Per Hit: 120 to 380
Attacks Per Round: 2
Special Attacks: Summon
Abilities: Necromancer Spells


Revenge of Cyndreela started as a joke raid mob in original Clumsy's World that came to life because we always joked about people just bulldozing over Cyndreela for no reason and one day she'd come back to haunt people and murder them in their sleep. Meet Revenge of Cyndreela.

Cyndreela is a caster mob that casts primarily necromancer spells and summons adds that do the same.


When engaged Cyndreela will spawn guards that prevent exiting her cave so make sure the entire raid is inside the cave prior to engaging.

Once engaged Cyndreela will cast an array of Necromancer spells on her primary target. Over the course of the fight Cyndreela will summon more and more "Spirit of Revenge" that are untargetable and will cast Necromancer spells on random targets. These adds begin to pile up over the course of the fight.

The spirits move very slowly so you can either choose to brute force Cyndreela and heal through the spirit damage or kite Cyndreela around the room, utilizing the various obstacles/pillars to provide line of sight coverage and protect the raid.

Once dead the cave guards and spirits will depop.

Known Loot

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Table Two

Ancient Weapon


  • None

Opposing Factions

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Related Quests

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