Guild Tax System

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Custom Guild Tax System

The guild tax system allows guilds to

  • Accept direct donations from players via an automated system
  • Aet a guild tax rate (anywhere from 0% to 100%) that is automatically collected from NPC kills.

For players to access the system, hail Gliz the Banker in Tutorial

  • At the banker, players can:
  • Make direct donations
  • Check the guild tax rate
  • Check the guilds balance.
Hub banker hail.png

Guild Leaders:

  • Can adjust the guild tax rate
  • Withdraw guild funds
GM hub banker hail.png

Taxes are automatically collected on NPC death and shown to the player. The player that gets the killing blow on an NPC is the one that taxes are assessed on.

  • If a guildless player kills an NPC, no taxes are collected.
  • If a player is in a guild with a 0% tax rate, no taxes are collected.
  • Money (following tax collection) remains on the NPC corpse.
Tax collection.png

Any guild taxes collected while a player is AFK is automatically forfeit (AFK farming rule applies).