Buried Treasure

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This quest starts with Nahas the Treasure Hunter in Plane of Mischief on the South-east wall.

He asks you to collect 4 x [Mischief Mushroom Spores] by killing mushrooms in the forest area of Plane of Mischief.

Kill mushrooms in the forest to get the spores.

Give 4 Mischief Mushroom Spores to Nahas and there is a ~30% chance that it will spawn a a buried treasure chest. this chest is no joke, so be ready for a fight. The chest will spawn in the NW part of the forest.

  • Fail message:
    • Nahas the Treasure Hunter says, 'Drats its indicating no treasure. Well better luck on the next try I guess.'
  • Success message:
    • Nahas the Treasure Hunter says 'Whoa, look at this thing go! There definitely has to be some treasure around this area somewhere. Better go find it before the juice runs out on this thing.'

Known Loot: