Berserker Parses

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Parse Disclaimer

All parses completed in a controlled environment with minimal variable change. This means the test characters have a standardized set of equipment, level 60 class augments, no focus effects, and relevant buffs for the class. Parses are completed against a level 60 target with minimal stats (level 60, 55 AC, no resists). This means combat effects like accuracy and attack have a less noticeable effect on end-results compared to on a raid-tier mob. The lack of focus effects also means procs on weapons will perform better in real world, unless of course resists are a major issue. Finally, parses are a consolidation of Three (3) 10+ minute runs (extra time only serves to smooth out the results).

For Berserkers: War Volley and Frenzy are not effected by weapon stats. War Volley is worth about 38 DPS and Frenzy is worth about 22 DPS.

Berserker Parses Ranked

Berserker Parses Ranked
Rank Primary Total Notes
1 Arcane Maul of Celestial Destiny 167.9
2 Harbinger's Soul Maul 164.1 * vs Undead parses about 49 DPS higher (average of 213.1)
3 Ensorcelled Great Sword of the Night 160.9
4 Abashi Rod of Disempowerment 158.6
5 Palladius Axe of Slaughter 153
6 Petrified Heartwood Flamberge 150.6
7 Giant Hammer of the Ancients 145.1
8 Ancient Fire Etched Flamberge 138.9
9 Shovel of the Harvest 135.2
10 Great Spear of Dawn 133.6 * vs Undead parses about 18 DPS higher (average of 151)
11 Rocksmasher 131.6
12 Narandi's Lance 122.9 * vs Coldain parses about 27 DPS higher (average of 149)
13 Clawed Griffin Sword 122.9 * vs Giants parses about 27 DPS higher (average of 149)
14 Double Edged Ga'Nak 119.9
15 Reaver, Bane of Dragons 117.4 * vs Dragons parses about 30 DPS higher (average of 147)
16 Epic 109.7