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Accessing the Bazaar

There is a bazaar broker in every city (at the bank) and Tutorial. Tapley is the broker in tutorial.


The Bazaar market can either be Open or Closed, as controlled by server staff. A global message is sent to the entire server when the bazaar market status is changed.

Market Open.png
Market Closed.png

If open, the following Main Menu is provided to the player:

Bazaar Main Menu.png

Using the Bazaar Feature

Players can select "Show Listings" to browse/buy any/all market listings.

Show Listings.png

Players can search listings by simply target a broker and type "search <search text>" and any matching results will be returned.

Bazaar Search.png

Players can select "Show my listings" to view all bazaar listings they have personally posted and cancel if desired.

Show my listings.png

Players can select "List a new item" to post a new item for sale on the bazaar. Initially a price must be provided.

Item Cost.png

Players will be warned NOT to trade bags.

Bag warning.png

An item is requested by the broker to be listed for the provided price.

Trade Item.png

Once a valid item is provided, the listing is confirmed.

Listing confirmed.png

If an item is sold, the proceeds are deposited in the selling player's escrow account. This escrow account can be checked (and money withdrawn) at any bazaar broker.

Escrow balance.png

Items prohibited from Bazaar marketplace:

  • Bags
  • No-Drop items

Lore items can be listed for sale on the bazaar. If you attempt to purchase a lore item that you already poses, you will receive an error.


If you attempt to cancel a lore item listing and you already have another of those lore items on your character, it will not be returned to you and will be deleted if you continue with the cancellation.

Lore cancel.png

Bazaar Slots

Bazaar Slots represent how many active market listings you can have open at a given time.
Default Bazaar slots number is 5, but can be expanded to 10 with the purchase of a "Secure Brokerage Container" from the donation merchant (1 per slot).
Once purchased, these can be handed in directly to any Bazaar broker to expand your slots (max 10 per character) or can be traded / sold to other players (on the bazaar or otherwise).