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  • History of Norrath - Nice quest that lets you explore some of the major cities and provides really good lore for the server. Result is an extra spell slot / potion belt slot / bandolier slot.
  • Handmade Backpack (s) - Easy to acquire 10 Slot Backpacks! - Requires tailoring (trivial at 88), backpack pattern (purchased from vendor), and High Quality Bear Skin (Drop rates have been improved on this server!!!)
  • Journeyman's Boots - These drop from Drelzna (Level 25 in Najena) or can be completed via the quest line.
  • Gear Quests - Offered by gnomes in the Tutorial zone starting at about level 15. Quests will be added based on your level, so make sure to them now and again.
  • Temple of Ro gear quests - All classes have quests available at the Temple of Ro. These start at about level 30.
  • Fishbone Earing - Worn effect of Enduring Breath - 100% drop rate off of Hadden (Level 28) in Qeynos Hills
  • Pegasus Feather Cloak - Clicky levitate. Dropped by Quillmane (level 30) in South Karana.
  • Terror Forged Mask - This item is usable from inventory by ALL / ALL !!! - Effect is Call of Bones @ level 25 - 11hp drain for 8mp mana conversion per tick - Useful for pretty much any character that uses mana. Obtainable at about level 40.
  • Penumbral Rod - Collect Drops of Shadow - https://everquest.allakhazam.com/db/quest.html?quest=3164
  • Stan's Memento - Drops from The Hulk (Level 40) in The Lost Temple of Cazic Thule. The Hulk also has a chance to drop a Hulk Smash which is very useful for AOE melee damage.
  • Invis items - circlet or ring
  • Bracer of the Hidden - See invis
  • Attack Earing
  • Manastone
  • Spirit Wracked cord and rings
  • Master of the Beasts located in Kerra Ridge - Allows you test your skills against a Pre-Ancient Raid boss Tukkesk.
  • Challenge event - Challenge Encounters that test player's coordination and endurance in difficult wave/ring style events. This is a group event that starts in Kithicor forest. Each wave of creatures drops tokens that can be saved up and turned in for Classic/Kunark raid level gear at the challenge encounter NPC.
  • Kunark Archelogy Items
    • Adalora's Items
    • Dithgar's Defender
    • Ivyshae Family Blade
    • Kuughrak's Task
    • Lost Koada`Dal Force
    • Magics of Fear
    • The Blade of Sirrik
    • The Realm of Pain
    • The Righteous Order
    • Vitratul's Scrolls

Make sure to check out the Alternate Advancements page for information on how to obtain AAs and complete progression!