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Top 10 cheapest gemstone

We all love to wear jewelry. In our society buying gemstone jewelry often seems to be a luxurious affair. This is because James stone pieces of jewelry are often very precious and costly. Buying a gemstone means you have to drill your pocket. Nevertheless, sometimes this is not the whole story. There are some gemstones, which are budget-friendly and can be worn anytime and anywhere. These types of gemstones were easily available in an open market that can be afforded by anyone without compromising their look.

Here is a list of the top 10 cheapest gemstones, which can be used in jewelry.

1. Tiger’s eye: This gemstone is the world’s most affordable gemstone. The color of the gemstone is golden brown with a silky luster on it. This gemstone is generally composed of silica. In terms of hardness, this gemstone scores 6 out of 10.

2. Amethyst: these violet-colored stones were used from the time of Egyptian civilization. As per its metaphysical properties, this gemstone means “Not Drunken”. This gemstone comes at a very decent price.

3. Agate: this is one of the most used gemstones for wholesale gemstone jewelry. This stone comes in plenty of colors like blue, orange, black, grey, white, and red. They have a banded structure within their body.

4. Citrine: They are a good substitute for yellow sapphire. In Latin citrine means yellow. They are semi-precious stones, which are preserved for their transcendental properties.

5. Turquoise: Salman Khan one of the greatest stars of Bollywood wore this gemstone on his hand. They are expensive compared to others as they are fine grades and rare. The soothing blue color of the turquoise makes this gemstone popular among fans.

6. Onyx: One of the best parts about this gemstone is that they are available in several colors. Still, it does not cost much. The most common color used by gemstone jewelry wholesale is red and black.

7. Kyanite: The blue color of the gemstone will suit the eyes and mind. It is counted as one of the best options for budget-friendly gemstones. We can easily find this type of gemstone in a local market at a decent price.

8. Haematite: These gemstones come in a color of steel, grey, and black color. They are mainly found in Iran or which made it the cheapest is a gemstone available at the low price 9. Rose Quartz: This gemstone has been used as a token of love since 600 BC. Not only for ornamental purposes but these gemstones were also used in many artifacts and miniature statues. They come in alluring red to pink colors.

10. Jasper: These gemstones come in red, green, yellow, and brown colors. As they are found abundant in nature, they are used in making wholesale gemstone jewelry and artifacts like Vase and boxes.