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Delicious Dining In NYC

There are many great restaurants just a few blocks away from The Westgate Grand Central Hotel. It is placed in a very convenient location where people can visit several restaurants near it. And since it is at the Grand Central Terminal in midtown Manhattan, one can travel easily to restaurants far away as well. The hotel has a boarding pass printing service that makes things even easier for guests. They even have a mini-fridge in their rooms for guests to store their food. So if one wants to order extra for later as well, they can do so. One can book the hotel rooms online at They have croupier services too, for recommendations and making reservations.

Hotel Drinks And Food: One can dine in The Tutor City Market Place and Tavern. It is located right in the hotel lobby. They serve excellent sandwiches, soups and salads. If interested in getting drinks, one can enjoy the fully stocked bar here. The specials of this bar are the especially unique drinks, The 'Rag Gangs' Smoking Gun and Moon Over Manhattan. The bar provides great cocktails, a variety of spirits, beers and wine. They also serve Starbucks coffee, Tazo Tea, Frappuccino and other popular choices like cappuccino and espresso.

Coffee And Tea Anytime: The Westgate Grand Central Hotel provides coffee and tea makers in their hotel rooms. Guests can use these to have coffee and tea anytime they want and as much as they want. They can enjoy their drink in their rooms without being disturbed, with privacy. The hotel is located near many great restaurants. One can enjoy food at many of these places: Sushi Yasuda: This sushi place serves high-quality fish sushi. The fishes are all flown in from Japan. The traditional Omakase dishes are definitely worth the buy. They are all very reasonably priced too. There is a good selection of tea available for customers. The interiors are decorated in a minimalist fashion with simple decor and bamboo furniture. The staff is friendly, and the atmosphere makes customers feel like they are in Japan. Shake Shack: Shake shack serves fast food and drinks for their customers. These include burgers, fries, milkshakes, cold custards and sandwiches. Their chicken burgers are especially tender and delicious with fresh toppings. The fries are cut in crinkle cut and have the perfect texture of crispy and mushy. They also make pride shakes which are available during pride month. It has whipped cream on the top with mango, blackberry, strawberry and custard.