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Public Interaction: We try to be transparent at best

For an organization to achieve success, it should have the knowledge of the public opinion regarding the quality, quantity and goodwill of the company and products as well. For that, a company should have an interaction with their customer and listen to their suggestions and reviews on the company's product. This helps to try new ideas that come from the public and adds up a new product or quality product to the market from companies side. It also allows people to connect directly with the company and feel the part, in fact, a part of it. Earlier, this process was done by directly asking the customers that is one to one face to face to give their reviews on the product and its quality that sometimes made the customer quite uncomfortable and sometimes they used to get irritated, but nowadays the reviews are given on the site itself below the product or in the review section. In the physical world, public interaction matters a lot; therefore, each company has a human resource department where they clear all the doubts and confusions of the customers as well as the in-process clients. The human resource department is very important these days to handle the customers who are not satisfied or have any queries. Even in small-scale companies, the human resource department is grouped in to hear the consumer's problems. In online stores also, the members working behind the screens have to handle the queries and questions raised by a viewer or customer. In every online store or website, there is space where people can put forth their views and also there is a different space where they can ask questions regarding the product or the company and its any of the process such as delivery or return policy etc. In EVX Store also there is a separate space for viewers and consumers to ask questions as well as give any suggestions they want. This space is viewed by all the viewers visiting the site so that in case a customer has the same question. He doesn't need to ask it again if someone has already asked that question. The questions and answers asked by one customer can be seen by another is a very good thing. Along With the question and answers, this page also consists of many other columns and parts for details about the page/space. One can directly visit their website.