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Using Non-VBV BINs for Credit Card Frauds

Recently, I had to attend a seminar on combating credit card fraud. In this seminar, we discussed the importance of using VBV BINs (bank identification numbers) in detecting credit card fraud. Many attendees brought their laptops to the seminar, and some even brought tools with them to check if their credit cards were lost or stolen. Some brought small business card scanners to look for any scratch marks on their cards. Credit card frauds are mostly common in non VBV cards. These cards have less security. As there are no additional PINs or OTPs, anyone can easily misuse them. You can easily buy Non VBV bins online at different sites and use them to commit credit card frauds. It is available at the CVV shop, which sells stolen credit card information. There are basically two ways in which you can protect yourself from unauthorized use of your credit cards. The first is to be very careful about your bank identification number (PIN), or at least that information should be used as a security feature whenever you check your card at the register. You can also get a machine from your local store that would print out your bank identification number and store it somewhere safe. The second way is using anti-skimming devices. It seems that a lot of companies have started using these machines to prevent credit card fraud. These machines use infrared illumination to detect skimming marks. In effect, it would "see" the tiny holes in the plastic. Once a mark is spotted, the device would either stop charging the card or display a message advising the user to cover the hole. There is another brand that is available in the United Kingdom and used by many banks as well. This company is called Symantec. Their product line includes products that can monitor credit card transactions at many different locations. These machines have a card logger which will capture all of the information which has been captured on the magnetic stripe of the card. As a result, it is easy to determine whether or not the card has been fraudulently used. The information that is captured will be sent to the main fraud department, which will usually make the determination. You can also purchase a laptop computer and connect it to your business network so that the data is transferred to it.