Sebilis Crypt Key

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Start Zone: Sebilis
Quest Giver: Tim the Enchanter
Minimum Level: 50+
Classes: All
Related Zones: Sebilis
Related NPCs: Tim the Enchanter


[Sebilis Crypt Key]


Shortly after crawling through the Sebilis entrance, you will see Tim the Enchanter on the East side of the bridge. He requests three items be returned to him. In exchange, he will give you a key to the Sebilis Crypt Door.

You can find the three ground spawns throughout Sebilis at the following locations:

Magnetic Froglok Stir is found in the Laboratory / Brogg area at Y = -1130, X = -698. The ground spawns appears on the South side of the bridge over a dwarf's body. *Floats slightly above ground level.

Seblisian Rat Skull is found at Y = -1183, X = 798 in the Chef's room in the South West corner. *Floats slightly above ground level.

Fungus-covered Fish Bones is found at Y = -855, X = 69 in the pond just North of the Spore King spawn location. It is under the water close to the South side of the pond.

Returning these three items to Tim the Enchanter will reward you with the Sebilis Crypt Key.

  • It will be placed on your keyring when used.