Ready Check System

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Ready Check System:

Command Access:

  • Raid Leader
  • Group Leader
  • Anyone on the Ready Check Access List


"#ready" : Initiates a ready check for your group/raid. Players must be in the same zone as the raid checker to be polled.


Ready Check Access List Commands:

"#rcadd" : Adds a player to the Ready Check Access List. Allows player to initiate a Ready Check for the Group/Raid.

Ready Check access add.png

"#rcrevoke" : Removes player from the Ready Check Access List. Player is no longer able to initiate a Ready Check, unless they are a Group Leader or Raid Leader.

Ready Check access revoke.png

"#rcclear" : Clears the entire Ready Check Access List.

Detailed Ready Check results are displayed to the person that initiated the check.

  • Ready Check prompt also shows on the players screen.

  • Ready Check summary results are provided to the entire group/raid.
ReadyCheck raid feedback.png

"#rsay <message>" : This command will allow for a more pronounced message to be sent to a raid that stands out amidst all the chatter!