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The Ranger is a hybrid mix between a Warrior and a Druid, sharing the skills of both. He's most at home in the great outdoors.
- EverQuest manual


The ranger is a hybrid class combining the combat skills of the Warrior, with the magical abilities of a Druid.

Like a Rogue, Rangers are a lightly armoured offensive class which focuses more on delivering damage than tanking. In terms of combat skills they can use all types of weapons and get dual wield, double attack, and kick. They also get a number of defensive skills including dodge, parry, riposte and disarm. However, because they are Hybrids Rangers learn most of these combat skills a few levels later than pure melee classes.

Rangers have higher offensive skill caps than any other hybrid class. However, they are significantly lower in a number of defensive skill areas. They have a much lower taunt, riposte, disarm, dodge and parry. Because of this Rangers get hit a lot more, and should not be left to tank for significant periods. Unlike the Rogue they have no skill to reduce the monsters hate for them and must rely on their magical abilities or their party to reduce the damage inflicted on them. [ add :until lvl 51, jolt spell ]

Rangers get the highest tracking skill in the game, which helps to find people or enemies within the area. This is particularly useful in the large outdoor zones of Kunark.

Rangers are one of only two classes that can do critical blows with archery starting at level 17. However, this skill is only useful in very limited circumstances, and by no means the primary damage dealer for the class. [ add: can become primary damage with the trueshot ability at 55 ]

In terms of magic Rangers get a range of nice utility spells. They receive both Spirit of Wolf and later Wolf Form itself. They also get spells to reduce monster frenzy ranges, and this enables them to single pull out of a group. They have both healing spells and damage shields (the latter of which inflicts unresistable damage). This is coupled with a solid series of HP and AC increasing buffs, as well as some minor stat buffs. Damage wise they receive both direct damage and damage over time spells. They can also snare and root mobs. You can view the full ranger spell list here.

The major challenge in the ranger class is staying alive. Rangers can die very easily because of their high damage output and low armour class, hitpoints and defense capabilities [ add : in fact, they got better hp gain per stamina than other dps class ]. The limited variety in armour can also be frustrating. Also, despite their magical power they do not have the ability to bind or gate. This means that Rangers, like any other melee, may have long runs back to their corpses if they die.

If you are looking for a class with decent damage output, the best tracking in the game, and a little bit of magic to spice things up this class could be the one for you. Just be warned that you will need a lot of patience before you reach Level 60. Also note that rangers have low priority on group invites due to getting overshadowed by other classes. This class is not for the faint of heart but still fun nonetheless.

Class Titles

Level 1-50 Level 51-54 Level 55-59 Level 60
Ranger Pathfinder Outrider Warder

Server Specific Ranger Perks

  • Start with endless Quiver
  • @level 20 Archery master I
  • @level 40 Archery master II

Picking the Right Race

The first thing you have to pick then is your race. Which race you pick will determine the foundation of you character for the rest of your life in Norrath so it is kind of important you pick one you like.

Wood Elves are quite a good race for rangers. They have naturally high agility, and can wear both small and medium armour. They also start with the ability to forage, which can help save a lot of funds at low levels, although all rangers get this skill later in life. Wood Elves also have natural infravision, and start in the tree city of Kelethin.

Half-Elves are limited to medium sized armour. They are very well balanced, and have slightly better starting stats than the wood elf, though they lack some of the natural abilities. They have the highest natural dexterity of any ranger race, and also have infravision. However, the druid part of a ranger is let down with a low natural wisdom. Half Elves start in Surefall Glade near Qeynos.

Human rangers have very balanced stats, across the board. They have the highest natural strength of any ranger race, and all other stats are certainly in an acceptable range. However their natural agility is quite low compared to the other classes. Humans have no night vision, which is perhaps the largest reason that many people decide against playing a Human Ranger. Rangers do however receive an infravision spell at level 30, and an ultravision spell at level 56. Human rangers start in Qeynos.

All of the ranger races level at the same rate, and faction wise are all well received in any town with a neutral or good alignment.

Race Str Sta Agi Dex Wis Int Cha Bonus
Half Elf 75 80 100 85 65 75 75 20
Halfling 75 85 105 90 85 67 50 20
High Elf 65 70 85 80 100 92 80 20
Human 80 85 85 75 80 75 75 20
Wood Elf 70 75 105 80 85 75 75 20

Spending Your Bonus Points

Rangers have to keep in mind that even though Stamina gives more hit points it is not a huge amount. It is certainly not going to be enough to make any significant difference between life and death; even at higher levels 10 extra points in Stamina only give 20-30 extra hit points. Also, while Agility increases armour class, the amount is very minimal (for reference - at level 38 with 190 points in the Defense skill, a +18 Agility buff raises AC by four points). Rangers are very different to the Shadowknight and Paladin hybrids. Like a Rogue, they are a lightly armoured offensive class, and may wish to focus on this offensive side rather than attempting to buffer a defensive ability they will never match the other hybrids in. With this in mind here are some suggested starting statistics:


Religion does not have a large impact upon the Ranger class. The two choices are Karana or Tunare (except for Wood Elves who must choose Tunare). Picking one will not alienate you from another, although only followers of Tunare can equip the Helm of the Tracker. Choose whichever appeals to you more.