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Metallurgy is a custom CW system that allows players to melt down unwanted metal items and then extract more rare materials from it. Metallurgy NPCs will also accept some non-metal items in exchange for some of the metal in their stockpile.


Metallurgy is designed as a system that allows players to take otherwise unneeded items and convert them into a new rare resource for use in quests, crafting, item upgrades, etc.

Adding Metal Weight

There is only one way to add stored metal weight into the Metallurgy system; you have to trade items to any of the Metallurgy NPCs in game. Any item traded to a Metallurgy NPC will be melted down for a specific metal weight that is added to your stockpile. Otherwise it is:

1) Appraised by the Metallurgist and traded for a fair metal weight value (non-metal items).

2) Rejected (All stacked items, no-trade/no-drop items and other non-desirable items).

Base Yield

This is the minimum yield chance that the ore can have, assuming you have atleast hit the requisite 1% weight ratio.

For example: Tin Ore has a base yield of 30%.

ASSUME the weight ratio for Tin Ore is 10 kg/1%.

ASSUME the player has 11 kg of weight stored up.

The player would have a 31% chance of getting a Tin Ore. 30% of the chance would come from the Base Yield and 1% would come from the Weight Ratio (10kg/1%).

Weight Ratio

This is simply how much weight is required to get an additional 1% increase in potential ore yield.

For example: If the player has 35kg weight and the Weight Ratio for a particular ore is 10kg/1%, they would have a 3% chance of yielding that ore (ignoring any Base Yield that may be present).

If the player has 216kg weight and the wight ratio for a particular ore is 21kg/1%, they would have a 10% chance of yielding that ore (ignoring any Base Yield that may be present).

Yield Cap

This is simply the maximum possible yield chance that a particular ore can have, regardless of stored metal weight.

Ore Conversions

Players can convert any extracted Metallurgy ore to any lower quality ore by simply trading it to a Metallurgist NPC. Each time you trade the ore, it gives you the next lower quality ore. THIS CANNOT BE UNDONE!

Metallurgy Cost

Cost: Ore extraction attempts currently cost 7pp per 1kg of metal weight.

Metallurgy cost.png

Metal Extraction

Rare metal ores can be extracted from stockpiled (melted-down) metal at any Metallurgist. Note that each Metallurgest can only extract ores within their Tier and below. You can always see what your yield chance is for each respective ore in the Metallurgy UI prior to attempting an extraction.

Regardless of stockpiled metal weight, you can ONLY ever get 1 ore yielded per extraction (the highest successful yield). When you attempt an extraction, the system checks for a succesful yield starting at the most rare ore and working its way to the most common. As soon as you are successful in yielding an ore, the system stops and gives the player the yielded ore.

Additionally, any time an extraction is attempted, 100% of your metal stockpile is consumed. You cannot attempt an extraction on a portion of your stockpile (plan accordingly).

Metallurgy UI

Extracted Metal Ore (Metallurgy)

The below numbers can be updated once they are fully discovered.

# Ore Tier NPC Base Yield Weight Ratio Yield Cap Required for
1 Tin.png Tin Ore Tier 1 Krov S'Tor 30% ? ?% Augment Cutter
2 Copper.png Copper Ore Tier 1 Krov S'Tor 20% ? ?% [Augment Shaper], [Augment Cutter]
3 Iron.png Iron Ore Tier 1 Krov S'Tor 10% ? ?% None
4 Nickel.png Nickel Ore Tier 2 Glork 0% ? ?% None
5 Cobalt.png Cobalt Ore Tier 2 Glork 0% ? ?% None
6 Zinc.png Zinc Ore Tier 2 Glork 0% ? ?% None
7 Manganese.png Manganese Ore Tier 3 Filar Sparkbender 0% ? ?% None
8 Tungsten.png Tungsten Ore Tier 3 Filar Sparkbender 0% ? ?% None
9 Chromium.png Chromium Ore Tier 3 Filar Sparkbender 0% ? ?% None