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Race: Shark
Class: Warrior
Body Type: Animal
Level: 66
Zone: Lake Rathetear
Location: 2630, 3677, -210
Paths: No
HP: 400,000
AC: 251
Damage Per Hit: 180 to 780
Attacks Per Round: 3
Special Attacks: Summon, Rampage
Abilities: Tsunami, Ancient Wake


Megalodon is one of the first Ancients to every grace the land of Clumsy's World and actually long before live EverQuest introduced an Ancient Megalodon. With that said, he is a fairly straight forward fight that twists and toys with that fine line of what is fun and what is laughably annoying. Megalodon makes the entire raid drunk and employs an aoe stun mechanic while being permarooted. He is not an overly complex or difficult fight, but the mechanics can drag it out.


To begin, make sure your Alcohol Tolerance is maxed out if you want to minimize the amount of time you spend drunk. Everyone will eventually end up drunk, but higher tolerance will delay the effects.

Since Megalodon is perma-rooted, your tank needs to be the closest person to the NPC and generally will maintain aggro with little effort.

Assign one dedicated healer to the tank and have remaining clerics take turns casting group HoTs on their groups (MGB Group HoT once you have MGB). This is more than enough to cover raid healing. Even better if you have necros helping with Zevfeers.

Both Tsunami and Ancient Wake deal PBAOE damage but only Tsunami is really a threat due to the stun component. Once you get drunk the mixture of the drunk stagger/wobble and Tsunami will make spell-casting nearly impossible unless you pass a channeling check.

Known Loot

Table One

Table Two

Ancient Weapon


  • None

Opposing Factions

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Related Quests

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