Master Sergeant Slate

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Master Sergeant Slate
Master Sergeant Slate
Race: Freeport Guard
Class: Warrior
Body Type: Humanoid
Level: 66
Zone: East Commonlands
Location: 3025, -267, -52
Paths: No
HP: 400,000
AC: 231
Damage Per Hit: 266 to 748
Attacks Per Round: 2
Special Attacks: Summon, Rampage, Flurry
Abilities: None


Master Sergeant Slate is the empowered version of Sergeant Slate. A recognizable mob out for revenge. He's a tough NPC that employs the use of strong melee damage and adds.


Master Sergeant Slate requires a strong tank and probably a heal chain until he is slowed. He will continue to deal fairly consistent damage to the tank even after slowed. Watch out for his Flurry and assign a good Rampage tank.

At 75%, 50%, and 25% he will summon two random adds that must be dealt with: a Myrmidon (Warrior), Rake (Rogue), and Vicar (Cleric).

At 10% he will summon four random adds.

The adds are susceptible to certain status affects and higher level mezzes.

The adds do not depop when he dies so they must be dealt with.

Known Loot

Table One

Table Two

Ancient Weapon


  • None

Opposing Factions

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Related Quests

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