King Tormax Head - Dwarves

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Dain Frostreaver IV
Start Zone: Icewell Keep
Quest Giver: Dain Frostreaver IV
Minimum Level: 55+
Classes: All except BER
Related Zones: Kael Drakkel
Related NPCs: King Tormax


Tri-Plated Golden Hackle Hammer


Dain Frostreaver will accept Tormax's head at kindly or better faction.

Upon turning in King Tormax Head, obtained by killing King Tormax in Kael Drakkel, to Dain Frostreaver IV:

Dain Frostreaver IV says 'You have done what no Coldain could do, ______! This is indeed a glorious say in our people's history. In return for your invaluable service I present you with the Tri-plated Golden Hackle Hammer. Its magic is powerful and I am sure it will serve you well.'

Dain Frostreaver IV shouts 'Let it be know from this day forth that ______ and their companions are Heros of the Coldain Kingdom. King Tormax has been slain, it is a time for celebration. Let no tankard go unfilled!'