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Maldan the Trader
Start Zone: East Commonlands
Quest Giver: Maldan the Trader
Minimum Level: 30+
Classes: Warrior
Related Zones: East Commonlands, Lower Guk, Nektulos Forest, Neriak Foreign Quarter, Estate of Unrest, Nagafen's Lair
Related NPCs: Tirapulin V'Thex, Maldan the Thief




You say, 'Hail, Maldan the Trader'

Maldan the Trader says, 'Hello fellow Warrior, I may have a splendid [deal] for you!'

You say, 'What deal?'

Maldan the Trader says, 'If you have the [coin], I may be able to provide you with a splendid blade!'

You say, 'I have the coin'

Maldan the Trader says, 'For a measly 250 platinum pieces, I will provide you with a blade no warrior has seen the likes of!'

Give Maldan 250 platinum pieces

You receive Splendid Blade.

You say, 'Hail, Maldan the Trader'

Maldan the Trader says, 'I said it was splendid; I did not say it was useful!'
Maldan the Trader says, 'It truly IS one of a kind... literally, however, I hear it may be of more use when forged with a rare sword from the old [Estate].'

You say, 'What Estate?'

Maldan the Trader says, 'Unrest of course. Here, take these notes. Now leave me alone.'

You receive Maldan's notes. When read:

I've been studying this blasted sword for years but I think I've finally figured it out.

In a forge combine:

  • Splendid Blade
  • Pugius
  • Enchanted Silver Bar
  • Smithy Hammer


Pugius drops from lesser blade fiend in Estate of Unrest

Enchanted Silver Bar can be acquired from Eirina Jomaer in Clumsy's Home or by getting an Enchanter to enchant a Silver Bar

Smithy Hammer can be purchased in most cities from Blacksmithing Merchants

Combine the Splendid Blade, Pugius, Enchanted Silver Bar, and Smithy Hammer in any regular forge.

You have fashioned the items together to create something new: Silver Blade of Ire.

You have learned the recipe Silver Blade of Ire!

Now return to Maldan.

You say, 'Hail, Maldan the Trader'

Maldan the Trader says, 'Did you fashion the blade? Let me see it!'

Give Maldan the Silver Blade of Ire, he gives it back

Maldan the Trader says, 'I told you it was a blade no warrior had seen the likes of! Legends tells it may be a shard of King Thex's royal blade! Perhaps it was forged by [Innoruuk] himself.'

You say, 'forged by Innoruuk?'

Maldan the Trader says, 'That is right, Innoruuk himself gave a blade to King Thex of the Teir'Dal, that has a resemblance to that of which you hold. Perhaps a master Teir'Dal [bladesmith] may assist you further.'

You say, 'what bladesmith?'

Maldan the Trader says, 'Seek out Tirapulin V'Thex in the Neriak Foreign Quarter. He can usually be found in Slug's Tavern.'

Be careful if you are not a dark elf. While a lot of the foreign quarter is neutral, the guards and some other npcs may still attack you

Head to Neriak Foreign Quarter and speak with Tirapulin V'Thex

You say, 'Hail, Tirapulin V'Thex'

Tirapulin V'Thex says, 'I am Tirapulin, Master Teir'Dal Bladesmith. I see you have a [fine blade] in your possession. May I see it?'

You say, 'what fine blade'

Tirapulin V'Thex says, 'The Silver Blade of Ire...'

Give Tirapulin the Silver Blade of Ire, he hands it back. *This step is not required*

Tirapulin V'Thex says, 'Most beautiful blade this is. It has [potential] to be a weapon suited for a real Warrior.'

You say, 'what potential'

Tirapulin V'Thex says, 'That is the Silver Blade of Ire. It was once part of a Teir'Dal [relic] of Hate.'

You say, 'what relic'

Tirapulin V'Thex says, 'This is one of three shards of the Relix of Hate given to King Thex by Innoruuk himself eons ago. It was destroyed by Tunare in a mighty battle upon the Plane of Hate. If you can recover the other [shards] I may be able to reconstruct the [Hateblade]'

You say, 'what shards'

Tirapulin V'Thex says, 'One shard was recovered by the undead of Guk and is being used in dark necromantic rituals. The other fell into the hands of filthy kobold nobles, likely for purposes of elevating their position of status.'

You say, 'what Hateblade'

Tirapulin V'Thex says, 'The Hateblade is a weapon forged by Innoruuk himself, the Prince of Hate, to inspire hatred within his foes. Innoruuk knew that anger was teh strongest of all emotions and caused his opponents to think brashly and make grave mistakes, ultimately costing them their lives on the battlefield.'

The first shard, metallic shard, is dropped by a ghoul ritualist in Lower Guk

The second shard, a metallic shard, is dropped by kobold noble in Nagafen's Lair

Give both shards and your Silver Blade of Ire to Tirapulin.

Tirapulin V'Thex says, 'Magnificent. The essence of Hate embodied within a masterfully forged Blade. Take this relix, Warrior, and return to your Maldan. Let him see what a REAL blade is supposed to be!'

You receive Hateblade (fake)

Return to Maldan in East Commons

You say, 'Hail, Maldan the Trader'

Maldan the Trader says, 'You have returned! Let me see the blade!'

Give the Hateblade to Maldan.

Maldan the Trader says, 'It's mine! It's finally mine! At last my king will have his treasured blade returned to him once and for all!'

Maldan runs off towards Nektulos Forest and then despawns.

Gather a group of friends and head to Nektulos Forest.

When you zone into Nektulos Forest Maldan the Thief will spawn around -1914, -470, then shouts:

Maldan the Thief shouts, 'You will not stop me! My King will wield the Hateblade once again!'

He will aggro when you approach him so be ready.

You have slain Maldan the Thief!

You gain experience!!

Maldan the Thief says, 'No... my King... I have... failed... you...'
Maldan the Thief falls to the ground, lifeless.

The Hateblade (final) will appear on your cursor.