CH Chain and Audio Triggers

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Complete Heal MACRO

Complete Heal Chain (CH Chain) is as it sounds, a group of clerics rotate CH so the tank is getting healed continuously. This is utilized for high level raid mobs.
Walking through the macro -

  • Line one - Announces to the Raid that you are casting your CH on Target
  • Line two - Will cast spell slot 5 (can change to wherever your CH is) and then pause for 1 second
  • Line three - Will cast spell slot 5 again -- this is incase of a fizzle on the first cast
  • Line four - Will pause for 3 seconds
  • Line five - Announce to the Raid and is used as the trigger for the next cleric in the CH Chain

The macro below is setup for a two (2) person rotation. If you are fighting a more difficult mob and will be doing a 3 to 4 person rotation - you can adjust the time in line four down as required.

CH Macro

Setting up Audio Triggers in Everquest

The EQ Client that Clumsy's World uses has built in audio trigger functionality.

  • Click the "EQ" button
  • Select Actions
  • Select Audio Triggers
  • Insert your agreed upon Trigger and which sound you prefer then make sure it is enabled

Audio Trigger 1Audio Trigger 2

Setting up Audio Triggers in GINA

A lot of Everquest players us a 3rd party tool called GINA ( If you are using this tool, you can make a trigger similar to this: