Beastlord Epic: Claw of the Savage Spirit

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Historian Sharar
Start Zone: Kerra Isle
Quest Giver: Historian Sharar
Minimum Level: 50+
Classes: Beastlord
Related Zones: Kerra Isle, Greater Faydark, Emerald Jungle, Permafrost, Feerrott, Lesser Faydark, Swamp of No Hope, Lavastorm, Timorous Deep, Plane of Sky, Old Sebilis, Chardok, Field of Bone, Stonebrunt Mountains
Related NPCs: Historian Sharar, Elder Animist Dumul, Scout Husman, Scout Vyrak, Scout Janomin, Scout Ahlikal, Scout Rahjiq, Scout Eyru, Scout Malom, Scout Sihmoj, Draz Nurakk's Image, Arms Historian Qua, Weapons Master Rahoul, a shimmering meteor, myconid spore king, The Bridge Keeper, Scout Halimia, Draz Nurakk


Claw of the Savage Spirit


The Beastlord epic quest is custom on this server and will take place within Classic and Kunark as opposed to Luclin. Your quest will begin in Kerra Isle.

1) Proving your worth:

[ ] Find Historian Sharar in Kerra Isle and get a Collection of Spirit Lore by responding "Yes" to her conversation.
[ ] Head to the Beastlord guild and talk with Elder Animist Dumul.
[ ] Find Scout Husman in the treetops of Kelethin in Greater Faydark, assist him with the brownie invasion, and return the scalp to him.
[ ] Return to Elder Animist Dumul in Kerra Isle with the Copper Medal of War, receive Official Seal of Khati Sha and a Carved Wooden Chest.

2) The 6 fights:

For these you will give the scout the seal to spawn the NPC, kill the NPC, and return the dropped totem to the scout.
[ ] Scout Vyrak in the Emerald Jungle
[ ] Scout Janomin in Permafrost
[ ] Scout Ahlikal in Feerrott
[ ] Scout Rahjiq in Lesser Faydark
[ ] Scout Eyru in Swamp of No Hope
[ ] Scout Malom in Stonebrunt Mountains
[ ] Combine the 6 wrapped totems in the box and return to Elder Animist Dumul. Tell him "I am ready to be briefed", "What new magic?", "What is his name?", "What mission?".
[ ] Hand him the Sealed Box of Totems, receive Seal of Elder Dumul

3) Meeting Draz and the crafters of your future epic:

[ ] Visit Scout Sihmoj in Timorous Deep and give him the Seal of Elder Dumul, he will brief you and give you a sack.
[ ] Kill Draz Nurakk, combine the dropped shards in the sack. Hand it back to Scout Sihmoj. He gives you back the sack. There will be multiples of him, smart pulling is encouraged.
[ ] Take the sack to Elder Animist Dumul in Kerra Isle, he gives you a note for Historian Qua in Kerra.
[ ] Give the note to Qua and receive Qua's Receipt.
[ ] Give Qua's receipt to Weapons Master Rahoul in Kerra, near the Warrior guild. He gives you Rahoul's Collection Box.

4) Hunting for materials and preparing for battle:

[ ] 2x Gem of the Void from a shimmering meteor in Plane of Sky
[ ] Chunk of Dense Fungal Padding from myconid spore king in Old Sebilis
[ ] Perfect Acrylia Ore from The Bridge Keeper in Chardok
[ ] Combine these 4 items in Rahoul's Collection Box and return it to Rahoul. He will give you 2 claws.
[ ] Give the 2 claws you received from Rahoul to Elder Animist Dumul. Receive a Khati Sha Seal of War and the two claws back.

5) The final showdown:

[ ] Give the Khati Sha Seal of War to Scout Halimia in Field of Bone to spawn Draz Nurakk's final form. He will spawn in the cave north of Scout Halimia, it will be marked in green on your map.
[ ] Kill him, combine the head that he drops along with the two claws and seal in the box and return it to Elder Animist Dumul.

Congratulations on your Claw of the Savage Spirit Feralkin!