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Ancient Content

Clumsy's World will tell the story of Kerafyrm's Resurgence and the rise to power of his Ancients. You will uncover new NPCs, group/raid encounters, lore, custom quests, items, spells, zones, and more to support this development. Over the course of this progression path you will travel along with us as we tell a completely new and unique story surrounding Kerafyrm in a "what-if" style scenario where we will take many liberties to expand upon the existing lore and build our own story.


What the players know, as of Velious, is that Kerafyrm was the illegal child of two opposing elemental dragons, creating a powerful prismatic dragon. Kerafyrm rose quickly to great strengths, becoming an exceptional general, but developed an insatiable hatred and blood-lust. Because of this he was seen as a threat by the Council of Elders and Veeshan sentenced him to death. An acquaintance of Kerafyrm's, Kildrukaun, instead pleaded with the council to have him locked away in a prison, known as Sleeper's Tomb.

During his rise to power Kerafyrm acquired many followers; they were known as Ancients. Who are they, what were their motivations, and what would become of them if the Sleeper were ever set free?

Clumsy's World: Resurgence dives straight into the world you remember and expands on the stories of the Ancients and follows the Resurgence of Kerafyrm.


Each content tier contains a hierarchy resembling an Army structure. Generally composing of a General and Captains who have dialog and a bunch of "grunts" who do not.

The Lore behind this (which is in-game should you want to read it) loosely explains that Braag empowers his Captains with the ability to "corrupt and empower" other creatures to sow chaos upon the world. So what you end up seeing is familiar mobs with new and interesting abilities and mechanics, like Cyndreela.

In terms of difficulty, the General/Captains will generally be more difficult than the other Ancients and will usually employ more difficult mechanics and more aggressive tuning.

Learsa (Ancient Progression Tracker)

Learsa can be found in Clumsy's Home and provides players an avenue to keep track of their progression for Ancient content. When a tier is completed she will also reward the player with alternate advancement abilities.

Note: The SERVER FIRST completion of a progression tier awards all completing members with the "the Ancient" title.

Ancient Progression

Ancient progression will be broken down in content tiers. For the original trilogy of the game (Classic - Velious) we will refer to the ancient progression paths by the same name. Beyond Velious the progression tiers will be themed and given appropriate titles and descriptors. As content is released the below list of progression tiers will be updated.